Radiography is an Imaging Technique using electromagnetic radiation to view the interior parts of the body. An image is created when a beam of X-rays is produced by an X-ray generator in the form of electromagnetic radiation is projected on the object. Radiography applications include Medical radiography and Industrial radiography. Medical radiography means the object that is being examined is living. The rest other radiography is regarded as industrial radiographic work or industrial computed tomography. There are over 10,000 hospitals worldwide that uses radioisotopes in medicine. The most common radioisotope used in medicine in diagnosis is technetium-99 with some 40-45 million procedures per year accounting for about 80% of all procedures used in diagnosis worldwide. Radiology Imaging is one of the best techniques in medical imaging which has a peak position on advanced imaging techniques. The process of medical images is usually carried out by the radiographer, often known as a Radiologic Technologist. 

·         Projection radiography

·         Interventional radiology

·         Computed tomography

·         Fluoroscopy

·         Ultrasound

·         Teleradiology

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